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Astrological Aromatherapy with Sonal Sachdeva

These are a series of short films that I made with Sonal Sachveda of Divine Circle who has put together a range of Essential Oils for each day of the week that represent their governing planets based on Ayurvedic Astrology. We had a wonderful time compiling these, and had more than one surprise. For example, when I was talking about the Saturday oil and how the Juniper was the oilthat stood out for me and in my book I equate Juniper to Eleanor Roosevelt, we were surprised to find out that dear Eleanor was also born on a Saturday! Whilst editing and compiling the films, another oil, Petitgrain was standing out for me for the Wednesday oil, and is equated in my book to John Lennon, guessed it John Lennon was a Wednesday Child!

The first film looks at the history of Essential Oils and at the end I talk about the Sunday oil which is governed by the Sun

I hope you enjoy the films as much as Sonal and I did compiling them.

Here is the link to Sonal's website......

History of Aromatherapy, Sunday and the Sun

Monday and the Moon

Tuesday and Mars

Wednesday and Mercury

Thursday and Jupiter

<Friday and Venus

Saturday and Saturn

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