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When somebody thinks of the word holistic, they immediately think therapy. This is not necessarily true. Holistic also means a way of life. Recognising that everything is interconnected. So as much as one might go to a complementary therapist to 'fix what's broke', the biggest part is maintaining that wellness of mind, body and spirit. Here at the Natural Approach we are developing a programme of events and on going classes which will be fun and exctiting.

Reiki Foundation Course

Reiki (Universal Healing Energy) is something we all have within us. Unfortunately, due to today's lifestyles, we have lost touch with this inner self. Reiki will 'fine tune' you back in and connect you with this wonderful 'life force'.

Lorna Goode has been a Reiki Master Teacher for over 16 years. She is also a Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner. She is accredited through the CHP.

On this 4 day foundation course you will be attuned to Level I of Usui Reiki System of natural healing. This allows you to heal yourself, family and close friends, but not to be a practitioner.

You will after your attunement be required to keep a journal of your own self healing for the first 21 days. You will also be required to complete 3 case studies of 3 people receiving 3 Reiki treatments each from you.

There will be 2 one day workshops. One on the Chakras, and the other on Archangels and Ascended Masters. This is to give you a solid foundation in Reiki healing before you progress on to Reiki Practitioner level. These are also days where you will catch up on your progress and how you are getting on with your case studies. This is set out to comply with the hours required in the guidelines as set out by the Reiki Fedaration.

Please contact Lorna direct via the contact form here, or give her a call on 07533045962 to discuss and reserve your place.


Cost: £280 of which £100 is required as a non-refundable deposit to secure your place. The cost includes: Four days training programme, Reiki manual which includes your 21 day diary and pages for your case studies, light refreshements.

The balance and installement plan can be discussed with Lorna at the time of your booking.


For Reiki Practitioner course please click here



Lomi Lomi Massage Training


KaHuna is a shamanic practice from Hawaii and within it's practice and principles there is Lomi Lomi massage.
This is a massage technique that principally uses the whole arm, not just the hands, in short and long sweeping movements over the entire body.
The therapist enters an almost meditative state so as to connect with the client not just physically but also on a spiritual level. The movements can be fast and slow.
For the client not only does the physical body totally relax, but the mind goes into a non-thinking, meditative state.

As a therapist you will need to be physically quite fit and agile. You have to already be a massage therapist level 3 and hold a TNA recognised Anatomy & Physiology Certificate.

This is a two day certificated training course for up to 4 people. 

This course has 6 CPD points and is £180.

Cost includes notes, certificate and light refreshments.

For the Diploma course, please click here 


Art of the Apothecary


This is a series of 5 two hour classes looking at the history and art of the Apothecary through the ages.

The class schedule is a s follows:


#1 Egyptian, where we will look at incense and perfumery and you will blend your own 'perfume' from the oils that were available in that period to take home with you.

#2 Greek/Roman period, where we will look to the likes of Hippocrates 'the father of modern medicine and his peers. We will make a bath/massage oil again based on the oils from that period.

#3 Persian. A delicious period of aromatic oils. This class will have us making a luxurious facial or body cream from that period to your own individual and bespoke recipe.

#4 Medieval apothecary and herbal gardens. We'll be making an infused oil for you to use in your cooking.

#5 Victorian Britain where Florence Nightingale first used Lavender oil in the Crimea war, and the Victorians began investigating the chemistry of Essential Oils. We'll be making a blend of ils for antiseptic/viral and probiotic uses.


All course materials and handouts are included as is a certificate of attendance which carries 6 CPD points for therapists.


Cost: £100 which will include handouts, all materials and certificates.



Kuan Yin Doh


Kuan Yin is much more than a healing energy we can call upon to help ourselves and others. She is a friend we can talk to, she does not make us any greater or more 'special'. She helps us to improve what is already within us. In fact Kuan Yin doh is a way of life. By inviting and just simply asking for her presence, or for an answer to a situation or problem, she will respond.

Her energy will make you feel centred, full of love, peace and grace, and this only comes about through your own personal honesty and integrity. I wish I could tell you that by integrating Kuan Yin into your life you will never experience another negative incident or stressful situation, or a heart rendering emotion. I cannot, for we live in the physical world. But what I can tell you is that when such situations arise, Kuan Yin will be there as a friend you can rely on, who will give you honest answers, and can give you great comfort in your hours of need. By the simple law of physics of like attracts like, if you live your life from this point of love, grace and honesty, you will attract more of the same.

This is a beautiful, profound and joyful 4 day course which takes place one day a month over 4 months.

On the first 3 days you will be attuned yo Kuan Yin's energies. You will learn how to give healing both physically and absently. You will learn how to use her beautiful blend of Essential OIls both for yourself and for healing others. You will experience her personal message to you through a deep channeling meditation journey.

You will need to return on the 4th month to show your competence in practicing healing on others both physically and absently by handing in 12 case studies. You will channel Kuan Yin, and we will complete the day with a dedication and joint signing of your certificate.


Cost: £350 covers your course manual, a 10ml bottle of Kuan Yin healing oil and your certificate. Light refreshments will be provided, but please bring your own lunch.

A non-refundable deposit of £50 secures your place with £75 due on a monthly basis before the comencement of each class.

The next course dates are Saturdays on the 24th June, 29th July, 26th August and 23rd September.


This course is the sole copyright of Jane Lawson

 © Jane Lawson, Natural Approach, March 1999

Past Life Journeys

During this fortnightly, 6 session workshops, using various tools such as meditation, Essential Oils, Kinesiology, Chakra Cards and crystals, we will embark on an exploration into your past lives to help you jeal the past and thus help you move forwrds and fullfill your dreams in this one.

At the end of each session you will have personal 'homework' to do, to clear the way for your next session.

You will also be given your own unique blend of essential oils to help you on your journey.

Whether you believe in past lives or not, this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to work on blockages you have in this life that prevent you from fullfilling your dreams and aspirations in this one.

The early bird price for this workshop course is £60 if paid in full by and is non-refundable. Thereafter the cost is £70 

Please bring a notebook to each session.


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