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When somebody thinks of the word holistic, they immediately think therapy. This is not necessarily true. Holistic also means a way of life. Recognising that everything is interconnected. So as much as one might go to a complementary therapist to 'fix what's broke', the biggest part is maintaining that wellness of mind, body and spirit. I am developing a programme of workshops and on going classes which will be fun and exctiting.



Let's Keep Essential Oils Simple









Getting confused with the plethora of information out there? Well this One day workshop is keeping it simple for the lay-person and therapists alike.

We will be looking at 20 Essential ils which are safe to use as they have NO contraindications. Plus another 5 popular oils.

That sounds boring doesn't it?

How about learning how to use a pendulum to find out which of the 25 oils suit you best? Learn how to use a pendulum to asses which oil to safely use for what ails you or your family. You will also learn very simple Kinesiology techniques to test the oils, or just in case you doubt your pendulum!


In the afternoon you will dowse the oils and make up your own personal blend of oil to help you relax, de-stress and remove blockages that are stopping you from achieving your dreams and aspirations. I will guide you through a meditation using your personal blend of oils and then you can take your blend home with you to continue working with it.

The cost of the workshop is £80, includes light refreshments, a safety and contraindications booklet to 170 Essential Oils and of course your own individual 'sniffy stick' blend of oil that you will have made.

If you would like me to come to your area to teach this popular workshop, you will require a minimum of 6 attendees. Please get in touch if you would like this workshop brought to you and your friends.




Art of the Apothecary





This is a series of 5 two hour classes OR in its entirety over 2 days looking at the history and art of the Apothecary through the ages.

The class schedule is as follows:


#1 Egyptian, where we will look at incense and you will blend your own 'perfume' from the oils and resins that were available in that period to vapourise at home.

#2 Greek/Roman period, where we will look to the likes of Hippocrates 'the father of modern medicine' and his peers. We will make a bath/massage oil again based on the oils from that period.

#3 Persian. A delicious period of aromatic oils. This class will have us making a luxurious facial or body cream from that period to your own individual and bespoke recipe.

#4 Medieval apothecary and herbal gardens. We'll be making an infused oil for you to use in your cooking.

#5 Victorian Britain where Florence Nightingale first used Lavender oil in the Crimea war, and the Victorians began investigating the chemistry of Essential Oils. We'll be making a blend of oils for antiseptic/viral/medicinal uses.


Cost: £180 which will include handouts, all materials for the 5 products you will make to take home and certificate of attendance for therapists.




Past Life Journeys





During this fortnightly, 6 session workshops, using various tools such as meditation, Essential Oils, Kinesiology, Chakra Cards and pendulums, we will embark on an exploration into your past lives to help you heal the past and thus help you move forwards and fullfill your dreams in this one.

At the end of each session you will have personal 'homework' using your personal

blend of Essential Oils to do, to clear the way for your next session.

Whether you believe in past lives or not, this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to work on blockages you have in this life that prevent you from fullfilling your dreams and aspirations in this one.

The cost is £120 and includes your personal 'sniffy stick' at the end of each session. Payments can be made at each session.

Please bring a notebook to each session.




Baby Aromassage Workshop




This is a 4 week Aromassage course for mum's or dad's to learn how to massage their babies correctly, with clear understanding of which moves help with certain baby ailments, which Essential Oils they can use for different problems safely, some reflexology, and the so important Metamorphic Therapy©. This course is for babies 2months - 2 years.


#1 We will be practising the gentle effleurage movements so you can really help familiarise yourself with your baby's musculo-skeletal system. We will be looking as cradle cap, conjunctivitis and nasal congestion and what you can do to ease the symptoms.


#2 Learning very simple 'drainage' massage moves to help with chest congestion, tummy problems and looking at what we can use to prevent nappy rash.


#3 Besides practising our baby massage we will also look at some very simple reflexology techniques to help baby.


#4 We will be learning how to incorporate Metamorphic Therapy© . This therapy helps to clear any birthing trauma for your baby.


The cost of the course includes hand outs, and a goody bag of massage oil, floral water and nappy rash oil is £90 with a non-refundable deposit of £20 to secure your place. The remainder will be due at your first class.

I am fully qualified and insured to massage your babies and children, so I will not be using a 'living doll' to demonstrate, I will be demonstrating on your baby, to show how relaxed your baby will become.




Essential Oils for Babies and Children






Calling all mum's, dad's. grandparent's, child minders, midwives, district nurses et all!

Would you give the same medicines you use to your babies and children? Of course you wouldn't! The same applies to Essential Oils. With the rise in Essential Oils being put into products you need to know exactly what is safe and what is not.

With the rise in babies and children being harmed and hospitalised with the missuse and wrong information given to parent's and children's care givers I help you avoid any dangerous practices and advice by offering this 2 hour workshop either 1on1 or by video call, where you will learn what, when and how to use Essential Oils on your babies and children SAFELY!

I will provide you with a printed hand out which will give you the information you need to use these gifts from mother nature safely and effectively to treat your child's ailments, from colic to teething, to cuts and scrapes to chicken pox and much more.

For individual 1on1 class the cost is £60. 
















This is an Aromatherapy Foundation Course taught for 2 hours in an evening for a total of 6 classes OR over 2 consecutive days. On completion you will be able to use Aromatherapy safely and confidently on family and friends.

Please be aware that you will not be able to get insurance to practice Aromatherapy as a therapist.

You will learn about 12 popular Essential Oils, their contraindications and what they are best used for. You will also receive a copy of my book which covers a total of 54 Essential Oils.

I will teach you simple but effective hand, arm, neck, shoulder, head and face massage techniques.

You will learn to mix and blend oils for common ailments, or emotional issues, or just for sheer relaxation and de-stressing. 

This course is for absolute beginners and those who have an interest and have been using Essential Oils at home but want to learn more and be confident in their safe use.

All course materials and light refreshments will be provided.

Cost £120 which covers a copy of my book and handouts.

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance on completion of the course.

I am happy to travel to teach this but there must be a minimum of 6 students.


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