Natural Approach Putting Your Health Back In Your Hands
 Natural ApproachPutting Your Health Back In Your Hands 

Putting Your Health Back In Your Hands


Working together, you and I will be put together a programme of treatments, diet and nutrition, practical exercises like meditation that will recover and then maintain your health. My treatments are based on individual therapy programmes which are arranged as you require them. The following information provides you with an overview of the treatment options available.


Massage Therapy

Massages are one of man's oldest healing methods and can assist in recovery from a wide variety of different illnesses. However, unlike some complimentary therapies, massage, in its many forms, is also a wonderful way to maintain good health.


If a practitioner/therapist has been trained well, impending illnesses can be detected before they manifest in the physical body.


I can offer Clinical Aromatherapy (Lymphatic Drainage Massage), Touch For Health (Kinesiology....yes this is technically classified as a massage therapy), KaHuna (Hawaiian Massage), Pregnancy and Baby massage and Swedish, or correctly known as Classical massage.


The treatments can last for as long as 2 hours, for a full body Clinical Aromatherapy massage and Lomi Lomi massage. There are many different combinations of massage from just having your back and neck done, to just a leg massage. Prices will adjust accordingly.


£70 per hour (less for shorter treatments such as Back, Neck and Shoulders)

KaHuna Bodywork


KaHuna is a shamanic practice from Hawaii and within it's practice and principles there is KaHuna bodywork, which is a step above Lomi Lomi massage.

The session begins with establishing not how you are feeling right now, but how you WANT to feel. 

This is a massage technique that principally uses the whole arm, not just the hands, in short and long, fast and slow movements over the entire body. 

I enter an almost meditative state so as to connect with you, not just physically but also on a spiritual level. 

This is a very 'exposing' massage treatment and has a profound effect on the mental, emotional and physical. Not everyone is brave enough to venture out of their comfort zone of just receiving a physical massage. Because for you not only does your physical body totally relax, but your mind goes into a non-thinking, meditative state.

The video below shows a typical Lomi massage. Watch as my eyes follow the 'energies' as I clear his negative blockages.

Are you brave enough to explore and get to know the deeper you?

£70 per hour


Reflexology (AromaReflex)






All my Reflexology treatments incorporate the use of Essential Oils which are blended to your personal needs and added to a cream base so your feet aren't greasy by the time the treatment is finished. This gives you a 'double whammy' to your treatment. A 'triple whammy' really as the Reiki flows too.

With over 25 years of Clinical practice I have adapted my technique so it feels more like a foot massage than the traditional 'pokey pokey' or hooking technique used in Reflexology. You are usually asleep by the time I have finished your first foot it is so relaxing! Sometimes it is necessary to incorporate Metamamorphosis Therapy© into your treatment. This helps to clear any negative emotions which underlie your physical well being. Please see below.



Facial Reflexology

If you have never experienced a facial reflexology treatment, you are in for a treat. As with conventional reflexology, there are pressure points on our faces which also correspond to various organs and areas of the body.

For example, have you ever noticed how after a heavy meal you might rub the end of your nose? No? You'll notice now I've told you! That is your stomach reflex. By rubbing the end of your nose you are trying to help your digestion..... or you have a nervous tummy!

First, I will prepare a bespoke blend of Essential Oils to use on your face. Each reflex point on your face is massaged for one minute only, and the treatment takes about 45 minutes. It is also a very simple technique to learn and therefore practice on yourself. Please ask if you would like to learn.

Besides stimulating or relaxing, cleansing and detoxing your body in a slightly gentler way than traditional foot reflexology, it is claimed that the treatment can rejuvinate, cleanse and detoxify your facial skin, thus taking years off your appearance.

 £40. This price is reduced if you combine it in what I call a Top 'n' Tail treatment, i.e., combined with a feet Reflexology. Pure bliss!







Metamorphosis Therapy© is a simple and deeply profound approach to personal transformation for the client aided by the therapist. As a therapy it is concerned with addressing specific symptoms or problems. There is no need for the practitioner to know about your personal or medical history, but it does help! It is gentle and can be profoundly relaxing. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other conventional medicine or alternative and complementary therapies. You will also leave with a blend of Essential Oils which will help and support you.




Baby Massage and mini class







I am fully qualified to massage and treat your babies and children with essential oils, massage, reflexology and Metamorphosis Therapy©.

As soon as possible after your new baby is born, book yourselves in for a 2 hour treatment and mini class. 

First, while you are holding your little one, I will do a reflexology treatment on you. Then, I will treat your baby with Metamorphosis Therapy©which will release any birthing trauma he/she will have experienced.

I show you how to massage your baby, and get you to do so, thus empowering you to confidently massage your baby at home. 

There will be no 'living dolls', I will massage your baby so you can see how your baby relaxes.


As your baby grows and develops you and baby can return and I will show you different techniques at each stage of their development that you can use at home. 

I will introduce you and baby to more essential oils as and when and if required.


Engaging yourself and baby in this programme is no different to attending clinics with your midwife/health visitor. But as opposed to being just 'check ups' on baby's development, you are treated, taught and learn valuable techniques and information that will enhance your bonding.

£70 for 2 hours


Reiki and

Kuan Yin doh©




I am a 5th Lineage Usui Reiki Master.

Reiki (Universal Healing Energy) is something we all have within us. Unfortunately, due to today's lifestyles, we have lost touch with this inner self. Reiki will 'fine tune' you back in and connect you with your own true self.

I sometimes select a single Essential Oil to use and enhance the healing efficacy of Reiki, especially where there is one single issue that needs addressing.


Kuan Yin is the bodhisattva of compassion, women and children and "hears the cries of the World". Although not many people are familiar with her, they often report a female presence during their treatment or a fabulous perfume smell. Her energies are kind, gentle, graceful but can also be very profound.



Muscle testing (Kinesiology) a client for the appropriateness of taking Aloe juice



(Touch For Health)

Kinesiology (Touch For Health) offers a holistic approach to addressing emotional and physical issues within the body, as well as looking at other aspects such as nutrition.
It has Chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan energy work at its roots and can be used to help many types of problems. It is where Western and Eastern methods meet.
Kinesiology looks beyond the initial symptoms and aims at the root cause to enable effective action/corrections to be taken.
Kinesiology sessions are fully clothed and are carried out with you lying down on a couch.
A kinesiology session involves having a discussion about your personal situation and how we will go about addressing what needs sorting. 





Online or Face to Face Essential Oil Consultations





I offer 1on1 online consultations. It wont matter if you don't have Essential Oils, I can always post your 'prescription' out to you, or if you do have EO's, I can show you how to make up your own.

Your prescription could be anything from something for another member of your family (includng babies and children) who are having a 'physical' episode, to a blend to help you chill out, to a bespoke body and bath products. Anything is possible with modern technology!

Everyone's needs are individual. If you would like to have a 1on1 consultation or a mini class, please contact me so we can arrange a mutually convenient time and investment in you and your family's health. I will email you a consultation form first so I can establish what your target and issues are.

£60 for up to an hour. Prescription if required will incur additional cost and postage where necessary.



Bespoke Meditation and Past Life Journey Classes for Stress Release and Healing






This popular treatment is available face to face at my Clinic or online via video call. You can access this therapy from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world! By utilising modern technology, for some people who prefer to fit in their sessions at a time that suits them, and would prefer the privacy of their own home and bespoke session to suit their individual needs, video calls are a great bonus.

It allows space to create a bespoke guided meditation that has been carefully designed for you to release every day stresses, work through any issues, or just a wonderful relaxing session visiting your special sacred mind space.

No two meditations are the same, and neither should they be. 

1on1 meditations can be used by anyone who would like help with stress or tension, anxiety or depression, sleeping and relaxation, pain management even spiritual development to manifest your dreams and aspirations.

These 1on1 sessions will involve the use of Essential Oils to help with the mind set we need to create for your specific needs, and even to help access any possible Past Life issues that are impacting on your life today.

To enable this before we start your actual session(s), there will be an initial first session where we video call to discuss your requirements and complete a Client Assessment before I send you your 'sniffy stick' (nasal inhaler) with a blend of Essential Oils to your particular needs and for us to arrange your session(s).  


First session £80. Follow up sessions including new remedy where required £50




Your 'Signature' Skin Care creams












Ever dreamed of creating your own personal bespoke range of skin care creams and products? Now you can.


Spend a day with me finding out, using kinesiology and dowsing which essential oils are best suited for you. From day cream to night cream, eye cream to hand cream, hair shampoo to conditioner, nobody will have the same product.


The season's change, so does your skins requirements. Stress happens, it affects your skin. What better way of staying on top of these external influences than by using essential oils that are not only specific to your skins needs but will also work on your emotions and keep you in that relaxed centered space. Imagine your night cream not only working on extra nourishment from harsh winter weather, but also helping you sleep!


Your skin care products should change with the seasons and adapt to match your emotional needs. IT'S LOGICAL. 


It's not just your skin that needs care, you might and will have physical ailments from coughs and colds to perhaps artritis starting in your hands for example. We will also see which Essential Oils should be in your personal First-Aid kit.


Spend a day learning and finding out 1on1 with me which oils suit your needs. Leave with your FREE bespoke 'Signature' day cream.


Cost: £150 includes a print out of YOUR oils. The knowledge of which oils YOU need when and for where on your body PLUS your FREE bespoke 'Signature' day cream.


Please use the contact me tab to make an appointment.

Thermo-Auricular Therapy

(Hopi Ear Candling)

This is a form of energy healing that has the added benefit of helping with many ear, nose and head conditions. It has its roots in herbal medicine and folklore. It isn't a candle, but a hollow tube of organic linen and beeswax impregnated with herbs, essential oils and honey.

Hopi Ear Candling, or more correctly Thermo-Auricular Therapy, has a healing effect on the head with the action of the heat and smoke produced and the active ingredients contained within. This is a non-invasive and safe treatment.

Conditions that can benefit from Ear Candling include headache, migraine, sinusitis, colds/sore throat, hay fever, snoring, ear ache, vertigo, glue ear and stress.

Facial Reflexology or Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage is combined with this treatment.

£70 for Hopi and either Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Facial Reflexology




Past Life Journey








Using a combination of deep relaxation, meditation, essential oils and kinesiology, I will help you access those past memories which are encoded in your very being to help make sense and resolve any negative issues that you have carried over into your current one which are preventing you from moving forwards. It can help solve phobias, paranoias and deep rooted but unfathomable anxieties.

HOWEVER there is a plus side too. Past Life Journey can bring to light a tremendous amount of positivity too, like discovering hidden talents, why you are drawn to certain foods or places or the way you dress. It can even stop those recurring and infuriating 'negativities' that keep repeating themselves.

During your sessions our focus will be to find the positive missing link that you have not brought forward into this life thus enabling you to live a more fulfilling life this time.


£60 per hour






Card Readings








By connecting to spirit using Terry Lynn Taylor’s wonderful Angel Cards, we will discover what is blocking you from moving forwards in this life.

The beauty of these readings is that they also offer a solution, what you can do to remove the negative ‘block’.

To support you in making the changes, I will dowse you using a pendulum to find out which essential oils you need to help and support you during your transformation, and you will leave with a 'sniffy stick' (nasal inhaler) impregnated with the essential oils which will help and support you during your change.

The card readings are available in person or via video call

£60 face to face £70 if via zoom to cover postage.

If you have any questions about the treatments I offer...

Please call me on 07904 170384 directly, or make an appointment using the contact form/tab. Thank you

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