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  • Katie (Sunday, February 11 18 06:22 pm GMT)

    Jane is my go-to aromatherapist for whatever ails. Most recently I have been having Lomi Lomi massage with Jane - a truly profound massage. This is not a beauty salon massage, it is the holistic massage to have. Either with or without essential oils I leave feeling transformed on an emotional and physical level. Jane has also treated both my children, for minor ailments such as sore throats, and more serious conditions including Labrynthitis. Jane is incredibly knowledgeable with a vast of experience aromatherapy, massage, reiki and teacher training. Glad she is near.

  • Laura (Saturday, February 10 18 02:22 pm GMT)

    I’ve been an aromatherapist for over 20 years and I don’t think I’ve come across a teacher as knowledgeable as Jane. Jane is a “vintage” clinical aromatherapist of the highest order and perhaps one of only a handful of aromatherapists with such broad experience and in depth understanding of this subject. She always has “new” oils that most therapists will never have heard of in her (vast) collection and knows the tiniest details of how/where the oils are exctracted and the subtle differences these details can make to the effectiveness of the essential oils. As well as the physical and emotional effects, Jane shares her experience of the oils vibrational energies - highly recommend you take a course on oils with Jane at whatever level- including absolute beginner - you are.

  • Jennifer Rice (Tuesday, December 26 17 07:20 pm GMT)

    Jane as a teacher is highly recommended. She is knowledgeable and experienced and her approach to teaching is thorough. As a student I have learnt so much through practice and Jane's ability to enable the learning process. Highly recommended course.

  • Kelly Martin (Wednesday, March 16 16 07:17 am GMT)

    Absolutely phenomenal reflexology experience at The Natural Approach today in Gloucester with trainee Amanda and her teacher Jane Lawson. Powerful healing, powerful teaching, powerful process. It was
    fascinating to learn about my own body and to discover more as I felt the energy move. THANK YOU! And adoring the oil you recommended, a great way to start the day by some self pampering and
    nurturing. Looking forward to the next session. Five stars!


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