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Mama, Baba and M'Toto

On this page you will find all you need for a happy and contented pregnancy and birth for Mama

Not forgetting the Baba  (Fathers) and our M'Toto range for babies and children.

All the products are advertised as 10ml bottles so you can use them in baths, lotions, oils and vapourisers. However if you would like them already made up as creams, massage oils etc. please say so in your order, or contact us directly for advice. Same prices apply.


Amethyst - Emotionally Healing
25.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Being pregnant is an emotional time, you feel more tired, exhausted, and anxious. This blend of Frankincense, Grapefruit and Spearmint will placate and allay all those feelings.
Do not use if you are on medication for malaria, lupus, sjogrens or blood thinning drugs.

Chi - Breast Feeding
20.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

This blend of Fennel, Geranium and Dill will help with lactation, reduce soreness and possibly reduce colic in baby too.
Do not use if you have endometriosis, epilepsy, taking warfarin,

Silver - Stretch Marks
30.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

A wonderful blend of Patchouli, Frankincense, Mandarin and Neroli. Helps to keep skin supple and prevent stretch marks. But will also reduce stretch marks if you already have them after weight loss for example.
Not to be used if you have cancer, or going out in direct sunlight

Turquoise -Birthing
30.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Can be used from 2 weeks before due date to prepare you for the birth and during to ease labour pains and recovery afterwards. A truly luxurious blend of Rose, Immortelle, Fennel, Jasmine and Frankincense.



Baba - Fathers Oil
25.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Let's not forget the Fathers in all this. With no contraindications it is perfectly safe to use around your mother to be. In fact, she'll probably love it too! A combination of Frankincense, Rosewood, Vetivert and Petitgrain, can even be used as an after shave balm!




This range of baby and children products (excluding the nappy rash) will come with full instructions on how many drops need to be added to your chosen carrier oi/cream or put in a vapouriser depending on the age of your child. We do not need to know the age of your child unless you would like us to prepare the products for you.

M'Toto - Nappy Rash
10.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

A very simple blend of jojoba and Tea-tree which can be used without further dilution.
Nappy rash is basically a form of thrush as the baby's digestive system adapts to its diet. There is no need to apply it with each nappy change. Use at the first signs.


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